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Oxygen Sensor from Delphi Automotive LLP

The Delphi Wide Range Oxygen Sensor is an integral component in a gasoline or diesel engine management system, helping provide accurate engine control and system diagnostics. It measures the air⁄fuel ratio of exhaust gases over a wide lambda range. Its five-wire, two-cell design enables higher signal resolution with greater accuracy. An integrated heater and alumina⁄zirconia element facilitate a fast light-off, allowing earlier closed-loop operation compared to conventional conical oxygen sensors.


  • High signal resolution and low pressure sensitivity help provide precise engine control
  •  Integral heater enables faster light-off for earlier closed-loop operation
  • Unique planar element design enhances thermal shock resistance
  •  Fast response helps improve fuel economy
  • Industry-leading poison-resistant coating helps achieve better durability and truer reading of exhaust gases

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