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Borgelt B400 Variometer from Airplan Flight Equipment

The Borgelt B400 Variometer has been designed to replace the succesful and well known B40 Vario, and like its predecessor is aimed at replacing the old technology mechanical variometers in the instrument panel of cross-country and competition sailplanes as well as providing a good variometer with audio and averager for club and training sailplanes.

The B400AV is available in both 80mm and 57mm sizes for easy installation in existing instrument holes and is only 85mm deep behind the instrument panel including connectors (20mm shorter than the B40).

A standby power pack of 3x AA alkaline batteries will provide at least 10 hours of operation in the event of main power systems failure.

A remote press button circuit enables the pilot to select the 20 second running average rate of climb at any time. The audio continues to function as a variometer during this time. Alternatively, a seperate digital averager display may be fitted.

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