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9P Series Plastic Coated CdS Photocells from Selco Products Co.

The CdS Photocell Series can provide a cost-effective solution in many light switching applications.  For example, an automatic lighting system for a parking lot usually requires a timer built into the circuitry.  The need for an expensive timer and electric wiring to the light is eliminated by using a photoconductive CdS photocell.  The sensor can be mounted right into the light circuitry, providing a low cost solution from moonlight to bright sun.


  • Plastic coated construction
  • Light sensing in the spectral range from 515 to 730 nm
  • Peak wavelength of 515 nm
  • Resisivity values ranging from 3K-ohms to 240-ohms max @ 10Lux at 2856K
  • Operating temperature range of -30 to+75°C
  • Sintered film fabrication for high sensitivity
  • Applied voltages at 25°C of 150 and 200 (Vdc)

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