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A Webinar on Improved Beer Quality and High Yield with Optical O2 Sensors

METTLER TOLEDO has declared an on-demand webinar on “Improved Beer Quality and Higher Yield with optical O2 measurement”. This optical O2 sensing technology will be employed in various applications instead of using the conventional amperometric O2 measurement.

A picture showing optical oxygen measurement in brewery industry

The on-demand webinar illustrates the functioning of optical O2 sensors, enhancement offered by the optical sensors over non-optical sensors and their contribution to improved beer quality and productivity.

The control, quicker and precise measurement of dissolved O2 (DO) is very essential in many brewery processes, which helps to maintain higher yield, shelf life and enhanced beer quality. Hence, the need for advancement in DO sensing technology, which is vital to the breweries.

The latest sensors employing optical O2 measurement techniques ensures multiple benefits including drift reduction, less maintenance, and fast response time when compared to the conventional amperometric O2 measurement sensors.

Jürgen Illerhaus, Product Manager of METTLER TOLEDO, has launched the METTLER TOLEDO's optical oxygen sensors during this webinar and demonstrated the functioning and outlined its usage in the brewery industry. Mr Illerhaus also illustrates the company’s intelligent sensor management (ISM) technology, which assists in working with and maintaining the analytical sensor using various innovative operations and design structures. During the presentation, Mr Illerhaus stated that the integration of ISM specifically with the optical sensing technologies will add high value to the breweries.


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