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New Chemical Reaction Kinetics Online Resource

A new collaborative online resource from METTLER TOLEDO discusses how to optimize chemistry through studying chemical reaction rates and measuring kinetics. A comprehensive listing of kinetics studies published in scientific journals is included.

METTLER TOLEDO has announced the availability of new web-based resources focused on chemical reaction kinetics studies. Addressing common challenges for chemists and engineers working in the pharmaceutical and fine-chemical industries, the new online resource discusses how to utilize kinetic studies for improved understanding of reaction mechanism and pathway.

By providing concentration dependencies of reacting components in real-time, in situ kinetics studies deliver an improved understanding of reaction mechanism and pathway.  Over the course of a reaction, continuous data allows for the calculation of rate laws with fewer experiments due to comprehensive data.

Used to simplify kinetics studies of organic reactions, the Reaction Progress Kinetic Analysis (RPKA) methodology is detailed.  Reaction Progress Kinetic Analysis (RPKA) exploits the data available from monitoring of global reaction progress under synthetically relevant conditions, where the concentrations of two or more reactants are changing simultaneously.

METTLER TOLEDO provides Process Analytical Technology (PAT), automated synthesis reactors, and in situ sampling.  In situ FTIR spectroscopy and automated sampling provides continuous analysis of reactions. Inline particle analysis enables crystallization development with continuous particle size measurements.  Automated reactors and reaction calorimetry provides process knowledge to eliminate scale-up and safety incidents.

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