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Precise measurement of ultra-fine surface structures

Confocal chromatic sensors from Micro-Epsilon enable highly accurate inspection of ultra-fine surface structures. The confocal chromatic confocalDT IFS2405-0,3 and IFS2407/90-0,3 sensors determine, for example, the surface roughness to micrometer accuracy. Due to their ultra-small measurement spot size, they are ideally suited to measurement tasks that require maximum precision.

The confocal chromatic IFS2405-0,3 and IFS2407/90-0,3 sensors are used, among other things, for measuring the roughness of brake discs. The surface structure of a brake disc is almost imperceptible to the human eye. The disc is smooth, polished and often shiny. Only with a microscope do these ultra-fine structures become clearly visible. These are absolutely necessary to create friction and to ensure a high braking force even after numerous braking maneuvers.

Both sensors differ in terms of their size and design. In addition, the IFS2407/90-03 has a lateral 90° beam path which means it is particularly suitable for special installation scenarios for example when inspecting cylinder liners. Combined with high sensitivity, a large tilt angle and a large offset distance, numerous fields of application.

Confocal chromatic measurement systems are used for displacement as well as distance measurements and intensity evaluation. Based on the determination of the distance, surface topographies of objects can be performed. Surface properties can be determined to micrometer accuracy using this intensity evaluation. Unevenness and scratches influence the degree of reflectance causing a change of the signal intensity. Therefore, an exact image of the target and its fine structures is produced.


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