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Lambient Technologies to Deliver Next-Generation Differential Scanning Calorimeters

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Lambient Technologies LLC, the leader in precision measurement solutions for the curing of advanced polymer materials, announces its partnership with LINSEIS Corporation to deliver LINSEIS’ next-generation Chip-DSC 1 entry level and Chip-DSC 10 mid-range differential scanning calorimeters (DSC).  

Differential scanning calorimeters provide complementary data to dielectric analysis (DEA) instruments such as those offered by Lambient Technologies. Traditional DSC solutions can be prohibitively costly for many organizations. The LINSEIS Chip-DSC instruments are designed to provide affordable solutions that can either be purchased on their own or bundled with any of Lambient Technologies’ DEA instruments at special reduced pricing.  

The analysis of polymers is one of the main applications of DSC. Effects such as glass transitions, melting, and crystallization points are of interest and often very hard to detect. The new LINSEIS Chip-DSC instruments provide high resolution and sensitivity, making them ideal for this kind of analysis.  

The Chip-DSC instruments integrate all essential parts of DSC: furnace, sensor and electronics in a miniaturized housing. The chip arrangement comprises the heater and temperature sensor in a chemically inert ceramic arrangement with metallic heater and temperature sensor. This arrangement allows superior reproducibility and due to the low mass outstanding temperature control and heating rates of up to 100°C/min for the Chip-DSC 1, and up to 300°C/min for the Chip-DSC-10. The integrated sensor is easily user exchangeable and available for a low cost. The integrated design of the chip-sensor delivers superior raw data, which enables a direct analysis without pre- or post-processing of heat flow data.

With instruments from Lambient Technologies, it is possible to correlate dielectric analysis (DEA) of cure state with thermal analysis from DSC. Because dielectric analysis is the only method of real-time cure monitoring in molds, presses, autoclaves and other production environments, this cost-efficient pairing brings DSC insight from the lab to manufacturing.  

Combined with Lambient Technologies’ cure monitoring instruments, the full system provides the industry’s only complete, integrated solution for dielectric analysis and DSC. It is ideal for use in laboratory, quality control, or manufacturing applications.   

Lambient Technologies designs and produces instruments for real-time analysis of the curing of thermosets and advanced composite materials such as those used in aerospace, automotive, and wind power applications. Our products offer unique insights into how these materials react and change during curing, processing, and manufacturing. Armed with this critical data, users can proceed with research, quality testing, and final production, confident in the integrity of their processes and materials—and in the reliability of their finished products. For more information, visit Lambient or email [email protected]

LINSEIS Corporation, based in Selb, Germany, with U.S. offices in Robbinsville, N.J., develops and produces measuring instruments for the determination of thermal conductivity, weight change, and thermoelectric analysis. Its innovative strength and uncompromising quality standards make LINSEIS one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of thermal analysis. For more information, visit LINSEIS.


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