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Penny + Giles Launches the NRH280DP Sensor

High-precision sensing technology designer and manufacturer Penny + Giles has launched the NRH280DP, a dual output contact-less rotary position sensor.

The NRH280DP Rotary Position Sensor

Penny + Giles belongs to the Curtiss-Wright Controls business group.

By utilizing non-contact programmable Hall-effect technology, the NRH280DP offers OEMs with precise and trustworthy rotary measurements in off-highway and industrial environments.  Having a 6.5 mm profile, the sensor is one of the leanest available and offers many programmable options. The product, built for use in extreme temperatures, facilitates system designers for easily and rapidly improving the integrity and safety of control systems. Some of the applications of NRH280DP include tip control of articulated dump trucks, bin lift control of garbage collection vehicles, four-wheel steering of road sweeping vehicles and throttle pedal position of Formula 1 racing cars.

The selection of various parameter options, such as anti-clockwise or clockwise direction output and measurement range is also possible with the sensor. The NRH280DP can be configured in such a way that one of the signals can be utilized for display or position monitoring purpose and the other signal can be utilized for a control function.    

The NRH280DP, unlike traditional position sensors with a captive shaft design, consists of a magnet assembly that activates the Hall-effect sensor, which can support an air gap of 2–7 mm. The sensor can operate from both a 9–30 V dc unregulated and 5 V dc regulated power supply. The sensor is available with digital (pulse width modulated) or analog (0.5– 4.5 V dc) signal outputs; however, it can be programmed to provide 0.1–4.9 V dc output range, similar to that of a potentiometer.

The other performance features of the NRH280DP include over-voltage protection up to 40 V dc, programmable by users with 341 various angles, 12-bit resolution over chosen angular range, electromagnetic immunity up to 100 V/m, ±0.4% non-linearity and operating temperature ranges from –40ºC to +140ºC at 5 V dc.

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