Airmar Introduces Three New Sensors

Three, state of the art NMEA 2000, Smart™ Sensors have been introduced by Airmar Technology Corp., a leading marine transducer and sensor manufacturer, recently. These are the HT200 High-Precision Temperature, DT800L Depth & Temperature, and the ST850/800 Speed & Temperature units.

“Each of these new sensors has its place in a different market segment,” said Mark Reedenauer, Product Marketing Manager at Airmar. Airmar's Smart Sensors have embedded microelectronics - the transducer and signal processor are only millimetres apart. The signal from the transducer is processed right inside the sensor itself.

“The HT200 is targeted at sport and commercial fishermen, while the DT800L is designed for vessels with a thick hull and steep deadrise and the ST850/800 is designed for the sailing market. All of these new products are offered with the popular NMEA 2000 data format - as this is the direction the industry is going.” Matsis added.

The HT200 High-Precision Temperature Sensor instantaneously responds to water-temperature changes with the high precision. This gives sport and commercial fishermen yet another advantage, as even small temperature breaks, less than a degree; tend to concentrate baitfish and gamefish. The 1in. (25 mm) exposed bronze button on the sensor face and the fast-response thermistor updates temperature readings two times per second with ±0.125ºC / ±0.225°F accuracy. Temperature data with resolution to the hundredth of a degree (0.01°) can be output to a fishfinder, chart-plotter, computer, or any digital display on an NMEA 2000 network.

The HT200 is sold with a choice of rugged housings - plastic, bronze or stainless steel - to accommodate any vessel type or hull material. The self-closing valve inside the housing reduces water-flow into the vessel when the temperature insert is removed for cleaning. These low-profile housings do not affect hull performance and will read accurately at high speeds. Also the HT200 can retrofit into an existing 2 in. (51 mm) Airmar housing that might already be installed with a ST650 or ST850 paddlewheel speed and temperature sensor.

Paddlewheel speed is especially important for all sailing vessels, from recreational to racing, as precise water movement along the hull can help show how tides and currents are affecting the boat’s movement. These units are sold with a choice of rugged housings—plastic, bronze or stainless steel - to accommodate any vessel type or hull material. The low profile housings mount nearly flush to the hull, resulting in virtually no drag and accurate readings at all vessel speeds.

The DT800L & DST800L Long-Stem Transducers are designed for vessels with a thick hull or sailing vessels with a steep deadrise. The longer length [7 in. (175 mm)] assures more shaft clearance. The DT800L Depth & Temperature model has a broadband ceramic element and urethane face which delivers depth readings down to 600 ft. (180 m), as well as accurate shallow-water readings in as little as 1.5 ft. (0.5 m).The DST800L Depth, Speed, & Temperature model includes a paddlewheel for accurate speed-throughwater readings, and delivers depth readings down to 330 ft. (100 m).

The included High-Performance fairing on both models vertically orients the sound beam for strong return echoes. Both models can also be installed without a fairing as a low-profile mount by using a plastic flange adaptor, similar to mounting the popular DT800 & DST800 Smart Sensors. Both installations allow these transducers to track bottom at speeds over 30 knots (34 MPH). Both the DT800L and the DST800L operate at a frequency of 235 kHz, so they can run simultaneously with other Airmar 50/200 kHz transducers with no interference.

The ST850 / ST800 Speed &Temperature Sensors compliment the new B122 transducer and the popular, NMEA 2000, DT800, Tilted Element™ Transducer. The ST850 and ST800 bring speed-through-water along with temperature information to any NMEA 2000 display. The ST850 can retrofit into an existing 2 in. (51 mm) Airmar housing that might already be installed with an ST650 or ST850 analog paddlewheel sensor. The ST800 can fit into Raymarine®-style ST600 or ST800 speed & temperature housings.

All of Airmar’s NMEA 2000 sensors come standard with a 20 ft. (6 m) Turck® cable and a molded DeviceNet™ connector for plug-and-play connectivity to a NMEA 2000 backbone. NMEA 2000 certification is pending on these new products.


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