Enhanced SP Technology from Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems rolls out the latest Leica SP technology with improved flexibility and productivity features that can be used with a dozer in grading operation.

The new SP technology sustains machine controls with total stations and hence capable of providing high precision and greater grading speed in environments where GPS cannot be used. The users can choose the positioning sensor that suits their machine control system and get accurate results in any environment. The SP technology is able to improve grading performance thereby achieving higher productivity at tough jobsites by using the inertial system for its operation.

SP14 Sensor

The SP technology is capable of providing better hydraulic control that enables faster grading; even at high speeds the users can get extremely smooth and precise control. With the use of SP technology the usage of heavy equipment has come down and projects are completed much ahead of the deadline consuming lesser amount of the budget allocated.

The SP technology from Leica makes up for the short comings encountered in normal machine control applications using GPS and total stations with the need for rework reduced considerably.  The technology increases the machine uptime at times when satellite coverage is poor (GPS/GLONASS); interrupted prism tracking during functioning with  total work stations and there is a transitory loss of signal is also eliminated.

Leica SP technology provides unique flexibility to the speed and precision while working with GPS or total stations in all environments. In places like urban canyons, deep cuts, forested or mountainous areas where GPS is ineffective, the operators can switch to total station  and continue working. It makes use of three=dimensional  machine control and hence gives accurate results even in fast speeds and rough environments.

The SP technology can be upgraded to the Leica PowerGrade platform without hassles using the special PowerSnap concept ,which permits simple and rapid exchange of machine control panels. The dozers that have Leica PowerGrade three-dimensional  system can upgrade to the new version through by performing three steps namely sensor swap, software upgrade and recalibration of the machine. From the time the new technology was introduced many users have upgraded their systems and have reported marked increase in their productivity. This new technology is available with all authorized representatives of Leica Geosystems’ Machine Control.

Source: http://www.leica-geosystems.us


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