Micro-Epsilon to Display wireSENSOR at Instrumentation Scotland & Offshore Systems 2010

At the Instrumentation Scotland & Offshore Systems 2010 exhibition to be held during September 8-9, 2010, Micro-Epsilon (UK) Ltd, a precision sensor manufacturer, will be exhibiting various non-contact temperature measurement products and displacement sensors for gas, oil and subsea applications such as eddy current displacement sensors, inline process temperature sensors, thermal imagers and draw wire sensors.


The wireSENSOR series of draw-wire displacement sensors of Micro-Epsilon utilizes three major measurement methods: an incremental encoder, an absolute encoder and a multi-turn potentiometer. One of these instruments is mounted on top of the drum axle that converts the drum’s rotary motion into a measurable signal. The evaluated displacement can be obtained in the output: potentiometric signal, voltage or analogue current. The wireSENSOR range can measure around edges and corners. The measuring range of the sensors is from 50mm to 50m.

Also during the exhibition, the company will display its eddy current Embedded Coil Technology (ECT) sensors. ECT is a breakthrough in the design and manufacture of eddy current sensors, which overcomes the earlier limitations of utilizing eddy current sensors. Built using novel inorganic materials and featuring ultra-compact design, the novel eddyNCDT ECT sensors are well suited for any use including gas, oil and subsea applications.

Source: http://www.micro-epsilon.co.uk/index.html

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