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INNOVENTIONS RotoView ‘Tilt-To-Scroll’ Mobile Phone Display Technology Awarded US Patent

INNOVENTIONS, Inc. has been awarded US Patent 9,181,760 for its RotoView “tilt-to-scroll” technology for mobile phone displays. The new patent, titled "Motion-Based View Scrolling with Proportional and Dynamic Modes", solves the screen display's Oblique Angle Viewing Problem, associated with tilt-based scrolling.

“The new patent enhances RotoView technology as it eliminates the need to tilt the phone at an uncomfortable oblique angle,” said Dr. David Y. Feinstein, president and CTO of INNOVENTIONS. “Instead, where scrolling requires more tilting, RotoView automatically switches to a dynamic scrolling mode where tilt changes controls the speed of scrolling. This makes the screen much easier to see since smaller tilts are required.”

“For over fifteen years we have been actively developing RotoView to demonstrate the benefits of using tilt and motion gestures to navigate smartphone displays,” added Feinstein. “It demonstrates our company’s ongoing commitment to the development of the tilt-to-scroll technology.”

RotoView is the original smart scroll technology for tilt and motion gestures used to navigate the displays found in mobile electronic devices. Recent RotoView apps, including RotoView Photo Viewer (Android, iOS) and RotoView PDF Reader (Android), use the technology disclosed in the new patent to efficiently scroll large images and documents without requiring the user to hold the device at an oblique angle.

RotoView can be easily implemented in most mobile devices, taking advantage of the existing gyroscope and accelerometer sensors. The technology offers an improved user experience by allowing scrolling with one hand, as well as achieving fast scrolling of highly magnified screens. While RotoView can replace touch screen in some applications, it is designed to be well integrated with the touch screen navigation, as demonstrated in the RotoView apps.

The RotoView technology portfolio now includes four US patents, one European patent, and extensive API software for Android and iOS developers.


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