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Flexpoint Receives Additional Orders for Its Universal Sensor

Flexpoint Sensor Systems have received an additional four orders for its newly launched universal sensor. So far a total of six companies have placed orders for the sensor. The company has also received an expansion on one of the two initial orders. The product will be manufactured and delivered by the end of September 2011.

According to Clark Mower, President of Flexpoint, these orders will increase the revenues of the company during the second part of the year 2011. This trend is expected to be carried on through the year 2012 as well. The sensor is being widely accepted and used in various automobiles such as buses, taxis, trucks, emergency carriers and other public transportation vehicles. He also added that the company expects to receive repeated and larger orders from its existing customers and fresh orders from other companies.

Flexpoint also produces a new dynamic single layer Bend Sensor. This sensor which has undergone successful tests on more than 35 million cycles, can measure the movement of air, water, vibration and other mechanical movements. The Bend Sensor can not only be used exclusively as a motion sensor but can also act as a stable switch in hostile environments.

The company supplies film sensing technology to the automotive industry, industrial controls, consumer products and medical field applications.


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