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Nonin Medical Releases EQUANOX Advance Model 8004CB Series Sensor

Nonin Medical has introduced the EQUANOX Advance Model 8004CB Series neonatal/pediatric sensor for the U.S. market.

Nonin Medical EQUANOX Advance 8004CB Series Sensor for neonatal and pediatric patients. (PRNewsFoto/Nonin Medical, Inc.)

Incorporated with Nonin's yet to be patented Dynamic Compensation algorithm, the EQUANOX Advance 8004CB Series Sensor is a unique cerebral/somatic sensor that enumerates pediatric brain-tissue-development variation while determining oxygen saturation levels.

The sensors can be used with Nonin's EQUANOX Advance Model 7600 Oximetry System in somatic or cerebral positions on patients having less than 40 kg of weight.

EQUANOX is an innovative monitoring device based on near infra-red spectroscopy (NIRS). It is capable of noninvasively and consistently detecting oxygen saturation status in brain and several other tissues. With this novel device, medical professionals can instantly respond to reverse harmful tissue ischemia events, thereby avoiding critical stages.

Supplementary beneficial features of the EQUANOX Advance 8004CB and non-adhesive 8004CB-NA Neonatal/Pediatric Sensors, along with the Model 7600 Oximetry System are as follows:

  • Ensures absolute precision measurement of tissue saturation at a point in time.
  • Cerebral and somatic monitoring, wherein four channels can be displayed on a single screen for effective monitoring of oxygen saturation in the brain and somatic sites such as kidney and liver sites.
  • Reliable and quick response to change without signal instability and interval from ambient electrical and light interferences.
  • Patented Dual-light emitters and detectors with four wavelength accuracy.
  • Effective portability and connectivity: durable and compact monitor having extended battery life and pole-mounting capability for consistent monitoring patients during intra-hospital transport. Data output can be achieved via RS232 connection or Bluetooth wireless technology.


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