Tradeshow Talks with Marlink

Tradeshow Talks with MarlinkBooth 266

Please give an introduction to your company.

Our company, Marlink, is split into divisions and we operate within a communications department, called the maritime division. Currently the maritime division is the biggest communications supplier in the world. We’re representing enterprise communications at the IoT Expo this week, and we focus on land communications.

Why are you exhibiting at the IoT Tech Expo?

What do you hope to get out of it? With IoT being a relatively new and certainly upcoming type of communication, the new requirements have changed.

We are looking to provide communications and data transmission for those where previous systems have gone down and are no longer efficient, or in areas where there is no infrastructure and it is difficult to implement an efficient communication system. This is mainly where there's no cellular coverage or radio problems. We provide those remote areas with a satellite as the main solution for IoT and data communications.

What are you promoting here today?

We're mainly here to discuss our solutions for the harder applications, such as IoT. We have many different suitable products, and which ones to be used depends on the amount of data they need to carry. From very small burst-mode transmissions, to large communications, we have a whole range of products depending on the requirements of the customer.

What industries is your platform suitable for?

You can technically use it for any industry that has a requirement of data transportation, and data transmission is required in almost every industry nowadays. Our most common customers tend to be from energy, machinery and mining etc.

Why is your platform unique?

I think everybody in the communications industry will say they have a unique product, but I think them most important in our industry is reliability and quality of service. Marlink is known for their very high quality of service and the applications they get right.

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