Tradeshow Talks with Riddle & Code

Tradeshow Talks with Riddle & CodeBooth 379

Who are you and what do you do?

We're Riddle & Code from Vienna, Austria. We produce crypto chips - a family of hardware that is directly connected to any blockchain using our patented middleware. We're at booth 379 in the blockchain part of the exhibition. We are focusing on industries like banking, fintech, utilities, IoT and supply chain. But being on the hardware level, we can pretty much help with every users case and we could be applied to every industry including medical and pharmaceutical too.

Please can you give an overview of the sensors you are highlighting today?

We have a family of hardware that can help to build new electrical devices like IOT sensors or actuators by embedding chips or even a full board. We also have a solution to advance legacy devices by adding cryptographic power to them. Those are cryptotags that can be read out using the induction fields of an FC enabled mobile phone, so our standard industry readers and with those tags we can give identity to every physical object just by sticking a sensor sticker onto it.

We can also read out the metadata or write associated metadata to that product and hash that information and store it on the blockchain.

What makes your product unique?

There are only a handful of companies that build blockchain hardware today and we're, so far, the only that really designs the hardware on their own. Other companies have to wait for the right chip set or the right tag to be produced by third parties like Intel, while we can adapt our hardware to specific use cases that we want to cover.

For every piece of hardware we have a corresponding wallet in the backend so we have a transactional platform and we can help turning every product into the marketplace, be it a piece of artwork or apparel or a machine, a car, a charging station, and we can trigger automated settlements. We don't have to tap into additional infrastructure layers from banks or others, so that makes us quite efficient and we hope that we can be part of the future blockchain based industry.

What industries can your hardware can be applied to?

We’re here with around about fifteen user case studies across a variety of industries, but our blockchain hardware can be applied pretty much universally. We focus on supply chain solutions, fintech solutions and the wallet environment, smart energy and IOT. So that's a pretty broad playing field, but you have to focus at some part of time. And we feel that intersection of IOT, supply chain solutions and the settlement capabilities of a transactional platform is very interesting.

Our technology is not only serving to create a more secure environment by using cryptography and blockchain but also unlocking new business models based on that transactional platforms that we have.

What do you hope to gain from the blockchain expo?

This is the first show where we are present as an exhibitor. I know the show organizer and he always does well to identify and bring together all the suitable vendors and the big players, too.

Although we're still a start-up nominally, we know that our technology's quite advanced - we've developed the solutions in four years, so everything is ready and we're hoping to interface with lots of potential customers. That's of course always the hope.

Additionally, we’re here to discuss our user cases and to educate the guests here, I think this is quite important to provide additional momentum for the industry.

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