Tradeshow Talks with JRI

Tradeshow Talks with JRIBooth 383

Please give an introduction to the company and what you do.

JRI has been around for a long time, it’s 100 years old. We provide monitoring solutions for temperature, humidity, pressure and gas in every country in the world.

We have a different kind of product, because our sensors work with radio frequency – this could be Bluetooth, GPS, LoRa Technology etc. The type of technology used depends on the customer’s needs.

What products are you promoting today at the event?

We are promoting all of our products! Which ones we discuss depends on the customer we are talking to.

For example, if our monitoring solutions are required in a hospital environment, we would talk about the LoRa. However, if it’s for a laboratory, we would recommend the Nano.

What makes your products unique?

We make all components of our products – the hardware, the software and the calibration. Using temperature monitoring as an example, we need to calibrate the prove and we have the experience and knowledge in meteorology to do that correctly in our products to make them highly accurate.

What are the applications of your products?

We work with a variety of industries, ranging from food safety and transport to laboratories, pharmaceutical and healthcare. At IoT Tech this week, we are hoping to speak to all of these people.

Find JRI at stand 383 at the IoT Tech Expo in London today.

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