Tradeshow Talks with BeanAir - IoT Tech 2018

Tradeshow Talks with BeanAirBooth 377

Please give an overview of your company.

We are BeanAir, based in Berlin, and we are working on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) for different markets.

We have a new WSN for IOT applications which is called Wilow. We provide the hardware in the form of this a wifi sensor, which comes with a tilt sensor, or an acceleration or vibration sensor, and also shock management.

We have a lot of partners that IOT cloud software. They can easily integrate our WSN into their IOT software, and therefore they can have a smooth integration in their IOT software.

What are you highlighting at the event today?

We have a set of wireless inserts which comes with tilt, shock, acceleration or temperature sensors, and can even be a combination.

For example, sometimes our customers will be working with big structures and they want to track the condition of these real time – with the Wilow, we can make measurements on tilt and shock, etc.

What makes this product unique?

It’s weather proof and the battery life goes up to ten years. We can run it with solar panel too – this is good for situations where the sensor is positioned in an area that receives a lot of sunlight, for example on a bridge. But of course, if we run it inside a building we have to use it with a battery pack.

What are the applications of these products?

There are quite a few. The first one is land surveying. Customers who are working in land surveying, go for tilt measurement - they want to be sure the soil will not collapse.

Then we have all the customers working on test and measurement, who need shock and accelerometer sensors to do predictive measurement trainings.

We also have other customers who are working on structural health on bridges and buildings. You may have heard of real-life examples where bridges have collapsed and caused fatalities. What we can do, is just place our 1-S10 sensor on the bridge and we can monitor the health of the bridge and if it is going to stay up.

What do you hope to gain from being at the IoT Tech Expo?

We hope that of course we can meet some new potential customers and exchange ideas with our partners.

We’ve also used the IoT Tech Expo as an opportunity to meet some IT companies which work on the software side of things. As we work on hardware only, it is important to us that we have good cooperation with IT providers.

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