Tradeshow Talks with Service Electronique Engineering - IoT Tech 2018

Tradeshow Talks with SEEBooth 387

Please give an introduction to your company.  

We are SEE, and we are key players in radio frequency technologies that can be applied to Transport, Industry, Heavy Construction, Aeronautics, Energy and Public Authorities.

We provide the devices that makes your items connected. We provide the gateways, the visualization, and the connectivity.

What are you promoting at the IoT Tech Expo?

We are promoting all elements of the chain; the devices themselves, the gateways, and also we have a nice demo of some account functionality as well.

What are the applications of your products?

The applications of our products is extremely varied. Industry, transportation and education to just name a few. Basically, as long as you have any line of operation to do anything in the field, we can help.

What do you hope to get out of being at the IoT Tech Expo?

Two things. Of course, we are seeking some potential customers, but we would also like to set up partnerships with companies that can be complimentary to us.

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