Tradeshow Talks with Teledyne Judson Technologies - SENSOR+TEST 2018

Tradeshow Talks with ​Teledyne Judson Technologies Hall 1, 1-154

Can you tell us a bit about your company and why you are attending SENSOR+TEST 2018.

We are Teledyne Judson Technologies, which is part of the Teladyne family. Teladyne is a $2.6 billion company. Teledyne Judson Technologies itself is located in Pennsylvania. We specialize in IR detectors for various types of applications, from temperature to gas sensing, you name it, we detect it. We are probably the first company to provide an IR detector to the commercial industry. We are also known for working with the costumer to come up with custom designs for their needs.

The reason we are here is because we heard SENSOR+TEST is the conference that attracts most of the gas sensing OEMs, and so we want to be a part of this.

Are you highlighting any products in particular this year?

One of the things that we are highlighting this year is a room temperature super lattice material detector. The benefit of this is; for most of the IR detectors you want to have some cooling capability to provide a better sensitivity and stability. The benefit of this material is that it can operate at room temperature so you do not need to have a lot of cooling or additional cooling capabilities. This way the user will save a lot of money. As you can imagine this is attracting a lot of attention. We believe that this detecting material will be able to replace a lot of current technology. We are very excited about that.

Would you say this detector is unique in the current marketplace?

Yes, it is the first one of its type, as we are able to provide this room temperature wave detector.

Which industries could this detectors be used in?

I think the most interesting one would be for gas sensing. So it can detect CO, CO2 and other different gasses. It can also be used for temperature monitoring. It has a real wide range of applications.

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