Tradeshow Talks with STMicroelectronics - Sensors Expo & Conference 2018

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Please tell us about STMicroelectronics and why you are attecnding Sensors Expo & Conference 2018.

We can really address pretty much every type of application, but the message that we are trying to convey here is that we have also complete reference design for industrial types of applications where people want to do predicting maintenance and condition monitoring. Our mission is to sell components too but we realize that without reference design.

We would like to help a lot of customers with solutions - hardware, software, firmware that can really help them to quickly get to a prototype and bring an idea to reality.

We also have another community of more than 150 partners which are offering software services, engineering services and certification services.

What makes your products unique?

Well, several things. For instance, for consumer or even industrial applications, we have some of the most accurate type of sensors in the inertial space.

In other places, like the automotive industry, what makes us unique is that we provide longevity and we provide the long term commitment.

What kind of application areas do your products cover?

IoT, industrial IoT, and automotive are really the three big focus areas.

What are you kind of hoping to achieve from Sensors Expo and Conference 2018?

Some good visibility and to meet our customers.

We definitely hope to get some new leads - there are always new customers, not only in the valley but actually from all around the world. This definitely give us the possibility to meet people that we do not reach through the normal sales and marketing channel.

Also, we would like to learn something. We're going to some keynote sessions, talking with the press, talking with analysts and so on - you always learn something.

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Zoe Peterkin

Upon graduating from the University of Exeter with a BSc Hons. in Zoology, Zoe worked for a market research company, specialising in project management and data analysis. After a three month career break spent in Australia and New Zealand, she decided to head back to her scientific roots with AZoNetwork. Outside of work, Zoe enjoys going to concerts and festivals as well as trying to fit in as much travelling as possible!


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