Tradeshow Talks with Exergen Global - SENSOR+TEST 2018

Tradeshow Talks with Exergen Global B.VHall 5, 5-459

Please tell us about your company and why you are here at SENSOR+TEST 2018.

The company is called Exergen Global, and we are here because we have a very unique sensor technology that can be put into any application where you need to measure node contact.

What are you showcasing this year?

One of the main things that we are showcasing is the blood pump. This has been designed together with a big company in the United States. It is now on the market, and they are selling this small pump which uses two of our sensors. If you think of an operation where you need to put blood into the patient, and you take the blood out of a refrigerator, then it is let's say, 15 degrees Celsius, you cannot put that into the person, because then you will have a problem, you have to heat it.

We have a unit here where the cold blood gets put into. It runs into a system with a heat plate, then it comes out and goes into the patient, and we bring it to exactly 37 degrees Celsius.

On one operation you may only need 100 milliliters per minute, but on the other patient it's 200 or 300, or something suddenly occurs. Then they can go up, with this system, to one liter of blood per minute. Bringing it from 15 degrees Celsius or 16 or 18 degrees Celsius, whatever the temperature is, they can bring it exactly at 37 degrees Celsius. The amount of blood it can supply, one liter per minute, that is unique. This is now being introduced worldwide.

This product is used in the medical sector. Are there any other industries that your company works with?

Yes, we have sensors built on satellites, we have sensors built into digital printers. In the digital printing industry we are absolutely the number one, we work with a range of leading companies. These companies have about 90 percent of the world market in digital printing. All of them use our sensor.

We also work in the agricultural industry, but also in the beauty industry. We have a sensor built into a system from Syneron. That is a hand device and it burns away fat. It is done with radio frequency. Basically you destruct the fat cells, and they will come out normally out of the body, but you have to check for the temperature of the skin.

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