Tradeshow Talks with Keller - Sensors Expo & Conference 2018

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Please could you introduce our readers to Keller?

Keller are the North American subsidiary of Keller AG, which is a 35 year old, family-ran Swiss firm. We specialize in piezoresistive pressure measurement. We supply all forms of piezoresistive pressure measurement - small, large, cold, hot, environmental, industrial, automotive. You name it, we do it!

What makes you unique?

We make more custom sensors than we do standard products. When we’re at a show we talk to people who have a need and figure out what that exactly is. Once we understand what they need, we can go back and come up with a solution that's cost-effective and meets all of their technical requirements.

What kind of application areas do your products cover?

It can be industrial, such as simple test monitoring for a process control or something more complex. We also work with the aerospace industry for airborne monitoring, for example the hydraulic systems on aircraft. We also work with municipal bodies for water level sensing, where we sense water level in both drinking water and sewage applications for the purpose of control.

That's just a few of our applications – we work with many people!

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