SmartBob2 Inventory Management Technology for Bins, Tanks & Silos

BinMaster provides a number of options for designing a SmartBob2 weight and cable inventory management system for a facility. The main equipment comprises two models of SmartBob measurement devices, eBob reporting software and control consoles.

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The SmartBob2 sensor is assembled one-sixth in from the silo’s outer diameter and is a suitable location to gain high material precision. The weight or Bob at the end of the cable dangles downward; it infiltrates the dust and calculates the settled powder or solid material depending on the length of cable released when the Bob stops. The measurement can be displayed as distance or height to product (headroom) and can be viewed from the eBob software set up on a SmartBob C-100 Console, computer, or a Remote Start Unit.

SmartBob for Single Point Level Measurement

For single point level measurement, SmartBob proves to be a suitable system and is specifically apt for those applications where silo levels have to be taken from time to time throughout the day. In addition, level measurements can be started as required from a computer, Remote Start Unit or SmartBob C-100 Console, or can be programmed to take place at preset intervals. Explosion proof and high temperature choices make SmartBob2 ideal for complex applications.

SmartBob is ideal for single point level measurement where silo levels need to be taken periodically throughout the day.

Figure 1. SmartBob is ideal for single point level measurement where silo levels need to be taken periodically throughout the day.

Core Devices

Additionally, the eBob software can display the levels of approximately 16 bins at a given time and is suitable for operations where numerous bins have to be checked efficiently. The SmartBob can be networked from 1 to 100 bins by utilizing just one SmartBob C- 100 Console and a single copy of the eBob software.

With the help of the SmartBob C-50 Analog Expansion Console, multiple bins integrated with SmartBob-TS1 or SmartBob2 sensors can be monitored from a C-100 Control Console. This helps in reducing the number of instruments required to check multiple bins, reducing wiring and equipment expenditures, and also simplifying installation.

BinMaster offers wired as well as wireless installation options for organizations that wish to network numerous silos to the SmartBob inventory management system. Measurement tools comprise the SmartBob-TS1 for small-sized silos measuring 40 ft in height and the SmartBob2 remote for silos measuring 180 ft in height, including a high temperature model to run in harsh environments between 240° and 500° F.

The Remote Start Unit is employed for a single bin, while the SmartBob C-100 Console provides measurements from approximately 100 bins. Users can utilize the Windows-based eBob software to start a measurement from a remote place and can obtain instant inventory information from up to 100 vessels with a visual and colorful view of the level measurements.

Software Features

Software features comprise local settings to enable easy set-up and support automated email reporting and international time and date formats. Moreover, LAN can be configured to share a common measurement database with numerous users on a local area network.


SmartBob cable inventory management systems are cost-effective and have been operated in complex conditions where other technologies have either failed or not reliable. It is suitable for the concrete and aggregates sectors where remote reporting and constant inventory management are needed for small and large bins. The system is affordably priced when compared to other technologies such as ultrasonic and also offers a significant amount of information for effective and efficient inventory management.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by BinMaster.

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