Process Control Systems with Jumo - Sensors & Instrumentation 2018

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Please tell us a bit about the company.

We are JUMO GmbH & Co., a German company based in Fulda, Germany. At the show today, we are representing the UK subsidiary, which is known as JUMO Instrument Company, and we distribute throughout the UK. We are based in Harlow, Essex.

We manufacture all of our own control systems, recording systems, and instrumentation. Primarily, we specialize in process control, but we are also known for our industrial instrumentation products for sensing and recording.

Is there a particular product that you are showcasing today?

Out of our range of products, we're showcasing our new diraTRON controllers. They are low cost, high quality, single-channel PID controllers, with ST code functions; so they can be used in basic PLC applications.

We also have our range of SIL and ATEX approved sensors as well.

What makes you unique in the marketplace?

Well, as I mentioned, we specialize in process control. There are a lot of companies making sensors and PLCs. Whereas all of our products are based around specific high end process controls. We don't make generic PLCs, we make PLCs for process controls.

With our knowledge and experience, and because we have a wide range of sensors, instruments and software packages, we can provide the full package when it comes to hardware and software. Wherever precise control is needed, that's where we come in.

What are you hoping to get out of the conference today?

Hopefully some new customers; people that may not have heard of us.

A lot of people have heard of us but are not sure exactly what we do, so it would be great to chat with those customers as well and explain our products and services to them. This way, they can understand the company's full range and exactly what we can offer them.

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Zoe Peterkin

Upon graduating from the University of Exeter with a BSc Hons. in Zoology, Zoe worked for a market research company, specialising in project management and data analysis. After a three month career break spent in Australia and New Zealand, she decided to head back to her scientific roots with AZoNetwork. Outside of work, Zoe enjoys going to concerts and festivals as well as trying to fit in as much travelling as possible!


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