Pressure & Flow Measurements with Huba Control - Sensors & Instrumentation 2018

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Please tell us a bit about Huba Control and why you are at Sensors & Instrumentation 2018.

We are Huba Control and we are a Swiss-based company. We specialize in pressure and flow measurements, and develop, manufacture and market components for these areas. Some of our measurement technologies include pressure switches (with on/off switching elements), sensors and pressure transmitters, which are sensors with built-in amplifier electronics. We've been producing sensors since 1945.

We always attend the Sensors & Instrumentation exhibition. It's the only sensor dedicated show for us!

Are you showcasing your whole range of products today?

Yes, this is our entire range and we have some particularly unique products on display today. Everything is manufactured in Switzerland, so all of our devices have high quality; making our company a good choice for anyone wanting to use these products. We also have a number of products that have WRAS approval - this is an approval from the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, stating that the product complies with the requirements of water fittings in the UK. Again, this is pretty unique in the industry.

What do you think makes your products unique on the marketplace?

That is the $50 million question! The main thing is that Huba Control manufactures everything itself. We make our own cells and everything is our own design. As we have been producing sensors for such a long time, we have a lot of experience in the field and in the manufacturing of our products, which is valuable to our customers.

As mentioned earlier, we've also been able to get WRAS approval on some of the sensors, making us one of the first in the industry. This gives us a unique advantage in the water industry, which is what we're starting to push into more and more.

What are you hoping to get out of the conference today?

We want to meet new people. Every year we come and find people that we didn't know about, and that's what we want the show to be. As nice as it is to meet people that we're already dealing with, we want to get our name out there to people who may not have come across us before.

I will never do my job well enough to be able to approach every single person, so it's ideal when we have a prime position like this at Sensors & Instrumentation.

Zoe Peterkin

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Zoe Peterkin

Upon graduating from the University of Exeter with a BSc Hons. in Zoology, Zoe worked for a market research company, specialising in project management and data analysis. After a three month career break spent in Australia and New Zealand, she decided to head back to her scientific roots with AZoNetwork. Outside of work, Zoe enjoys going to concerts and festivals as well as trying to fit in as much travelling as possible!


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