What Does 'g' Measure?

‘g’ is the engineering unit utilized for acceleration measurement and 1 g is defined as 32.1741 ft/sec2. An accelerometer that has a range of ± 10 g can measure acceleration between -321.7405 ft/sec2 and +321.7405 ft/sec2. The value of 1 g in meters is 9.8057 m/ sec2 and 386.0885 in/ sec2 in inches.

Different g Levels

One can experience different g levels in everyday life, while accelerating a car, during airplane takeoff, or riding on a roller coaster. Although people often do not make out how much the g level is, they can certainly sense it.

The estimates of different g levels commonly found in daily life and in familiar applications are listed out in the following table.

Table. Estimates of g Levels

g Level Application
0.61 Automobile, 0-60, 4.5 seconds
0.75 Automobile braking
1 Strong earthquake
1.8 Steep climb in Airbus A-300
2 Commercial appliance control
2 Kill sperm whale
3 Indy car on turn
3 Space shuttle taking off
3 Sneeze
3.3 Fuel dragster
3.5 Cough
4 Slap on Back
4.5 Titan Roller Coaster, 4 Flags, Texas
5 NASCAR vehicle on turn
6 Humans black out
9 Rocket dragster
10 Flutter testing - aircraft
10 Car crash that will break human bones
15 Jet aircraft ejection seat
19 Tiger Woods estimated golf swing
30 Break ribs when held by seat belt
33 When parachute opens
35 NASCAR vehicle hitting the wall
50 16 oz boxing glove punch
85 Estimated g's in Princess Diana's crash
100 6 oz boxing glove punch
100 Karate chop to the head
100 Under vehicle road testing
150 Jump of a flea
246 4 foot drop on grass football field
300 Foot hitting a soccer ball
300 Helmet testing
1000 Automotive impact testing
2000 Crash test dummies
2400 Dogwood flower releasing pollen
3000 Baseball struck by a bat
8000 Matis shrimp striking appendage
20000 Smart, gun-fired projectiles
60000 Explosions

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