Optical Inspection for the Nuclear Industry

The nuclear sector requires optical systems and lenses that can withstand high levels of radiation. At times, these instruments may also need to withstand high temperatures.

Camera Inspection in High Radiation Nuclear Environments

Image Credit: Resolve Optics

Resolve Optics Ltd has extensive experience in developing optical systems and lenses for applications in adverse industrial environments that may be difficult to access.

Non-Browning Lenses

The team at Resolve Optics Ltd has delivered high-performance optical systems to some of the leading organizations in the nuclear sector. These solutions include remote inspection systems, radiation-resistant or “non-browning” lenses (zoom and focus), and through-wall endoscopes.

One example of these solutions was a variation in the Model 357 non-browning zoom lens from Resolve Optics Ltd. This lens was designed for DEKRA Visatec GmbH for use in their VT XLRAD-10 PTZ camera, enabling the company to offer a new, efficient system for inspection in radioactive settings.

Compact Inspection Camera System

Investigations were performed to validate the new, compact inspection camera system, which offers superior image quality and enables users to capture close-up images in high-radiation environments.

Camera Inspection High Radiation Nuclear Environments

Image Credit: Resolve Optics

DEKRA Visatec GmbH has been a pioneer in the non-destructive visual testing sector for over two decades. The company’s inspection camera systems are used by several leading nuclear organizations worldwide.

We chose to enter into a long term partnership with Resolve Optics because of their extraordinary technical support and pedigree in developing and supplying OEM quantities of top quality, high-performance radiation resistant lens.

Marcus Jocham, Business Development Manager, DEKRA Visatec GmbH

Mr Jocham continued, “Combining remote control of lens functions with true high definition quality images, over a 10x zoom range, the motorized Model 357 lens enables our new camera system to set a new standard for safe, high quality inspection of hot cells and nuclear fuel rods.”

Sharp and Clear Images

The Model 357 specifically uses a selective non-browning glass, which enables it to capture sharp and clear images. The captured images do not contain the strong yellow tint that has previously been a complicated problem while using radiation-resistant lenses on color sensors.

The non-browning glass used in the Model 357 has been validated to withstand long-term exposure to temperatures up to 55 °C without undergoing any discoloration, and to withstand radiation up to a dose of 100,000,000 rad.

The 2/3″ format Model 357 functions at f/3.6 and provides optimal image resolution as well as reduced geometric distortion from 400 to 770 nm. It can image objects from 1.5 m to infinity, without using any add-on adapters.

The lens achieves a high image resolution at full aperture across the zoom range and eliminates the need to refocus when focused at infinity.


Resolve Optics Ltd uses its experience of nearly three decades to find solutions for its customers. The company has built a dependable reputation in the design of specialist lenses and the development of smaller production quantities of optical products and radiation-resistant (non-browning) lenses. These products are made on schedule in accordance with stringent quality guidelines and target price.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Resolve Optics Ltd.

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