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A 3D Perspective on Atheer’s Ground-breaking Mobile Platform

Mobile platforms do not get any better than this – Atheer Labs are supporting a new era of virtual technology with a 3D mobile platform.  

With a dedicated team in California, Atheer Labs have introduced a 3D mobile platform that truly augments human interface with a user-friendly approach that can compete with the multi-functional capabilities of a tablet and smartphone technology.

This technology has been put together with a multitude of complex algorithms. At the module level, retinal mapping helps to manipulate the display data without being a hindrance to the user’s field of vision.

What is fascinating about this technology is the sophistication of the vision optimization capabilities that work to minimise double-vision and blurred vision, which helps engage the user and enhances the visual experience.

With a unique algorithm that can allow for context awareness and a 3D reality platform, human action recognition becomes possible.

Human Interface Technology

Human interface technology is much of a new science and the key to making this technology a success is making sure that it is user-friendly.

The core of this technology involves assimilating complex information and interpreting this for the user. This isn’t so easy when you consider adding algorithms to identify gestures and motions to control a particular function to a mobile platform.

The basic pathway to a human interface system involves the user looking at the computer (interface system) delivering an input (based on gesture or motion) to the device. The underlying hardware and software helps process the information and links the user to the system resulting in a system output.

Soulaiman Itani, Founder and CEO of Atheer Labs describes the importance of this technology: “Our mobile 3D platform fundamentally alters the way people access information on the go, adding a natural interface that can be controlled with natural gestures and motions”.

So exactly how does this new technology work with the user? The technology is capable of

synchronizing the user input and display output – augmentation that makes virtual technology as engaging as is possible.

It is fascinating to think that we are moving from 2D to a 3D platform – this mobile 3D platform changes the way we access our information whilst on the go.  

We are now beginning to see technology taking human experience to the limits. If all you need is a smile and a nudge to power the real flesh of this technology then Atheer Labs have become a key contender in putting the fun back into a virtual world.

Digging a little deeper, it is clear that a high-calibre interdisciplinary team have been able to create a mobile platform that fully commits to intricate problem solving using low-level triggers such as gesture.

One of the most important advantages for this technology is the freedom it gives the end-user not to mention the high level of control to manipulate such a mobile paradigm.

With a plethora of patented and patent-pending functions to this platform, it is in the development phase. Once perfected, this mobile 3D platform will navigate its way into the world of reality technology.


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