Portable Analyzers for CO2 and Oxygen in Welding Applications

CO2Meter, a global leader in gas detection, monitoring, and analysis, launched its new portable CO2 and Oxygen welding gas analyzer that confirms accurate CO2 (0-50%) and Oxygen (0-25%) concentrations in welding gas mixes.

Portable Analyzers for CO2 and Oxygen in Welding Applications

Image Credit: CO2Meter

This device is the company’s latest model in the welding gas analyzer line. It was developed to specifically measure and analyze the composition of the gas blends utilized throughout the welding process.

The CM-1652 can address the needs of welders across a broad range of applications with its advanced technology, dual gas monitoring, and preconfigured measurements:

“Those who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the device, will be excited to see that customer input was extremely influential. By listening to our customers’ needs and delivering upon them, this has continued to further solidify CO2Meter as a true leader in the space. Now, with the ability of dual sensor capabilities and advanced accuracy in the new gas analyzer I know we will continue to help welders achieve greater results in the field.” states, CEO of CO2Meter, Travis Lenander.

CO2Meter has always taken up a central role in terms of quality technology and gas detection safety solutions for the welding industry.  CO2Meter devices and technologies are installed and used in over 150,000 global locations including in some of the largest Fortune 500 companies.

Presently, industry leaders such as Linde, Airgas, NASA, Lincoln Electric, and McDantim rely on CO2Meter gas detection solutions. These solutions are trusted for their precise gas analysis, compliance with industry standards, and ability to safeguard employees.

“Being able to gain reputable feedback this last year on our CO2 welding gas analyzer has allowed us to further meet the needs of our customers and expand our product line to provide a quality dual-gas solution. As we know for a strong weld seam, the gases used must be correctly mixed. Up until now, random sampling was the only method that could be used to check gas blends. With the CM-1652 you can monitor the quality of your welding gas directly in the process and gain precise gas data at your fingertips. It’s also great to continue to hear feedback like, ‘this gives us peace of mind that we can guarantee the gas we provide’ from so many of our partners in the field.”, states CO2Meter VP of Operations Benjamin Santiago. 

Overall, it is vital that both welders and gas distributors are able to validate their gas blends for quality assurance, gas contamination, consistency, and compliance. By acquiring exact information and precise verification of the gas blends, welders can rest assured that they are using the right amount and type of gas.

Moreover, they can detect the formation of defects and determine if any issues or defects could lead to a welding problem. With the CM-1652, industry leaders can easily acquire reliable, consistent results across all of their welding operations.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by CO2Meter, Inc.

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