Innovative Gas Sensing Solutions for Advanced Pulmonary Function Testing

The cardiopulmonary system is recognized as one of the most essential physiological systems in the human body, with the responsibility of efficiently distributing blood and oxygen to every organ. The cardiopulmonary system is closely linked to human health. Therefore, pulmonary function testing is crucial for both disease prevention and diagnosis.

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Since different diseases lead to distinct abnormalities, pulmonary function tests play a pivotal role in accurately assessing the nature and severity of these abnormalities.Spirometry stands as the most commonly utilized method among these tests, measuring physical aspects of lung functionality including flow rate and lung volume.2

However, spirometry alone may not always provide a comprehensive and precise diagnosis of lung function. To further evaluate the efficiency of gas exchange in the lungs, DLCO (diffusing capacity of the lungs for carbon monoxide) testing is frequently employed in conjunction with spirometry.5 This test yields more precise measurements of the lung’s capacity to transfer gas from inspired air into the bloodstream and offers valuable insights into lung function beyond what spirometry can provide.                                      

Cubic Gas Sensing Solutions for Pulmonary Function Testing

Whether it's spirometry or DLCO testing, the key to these tests lies in obtaining accurate gas measurement data, aiding healthcare professionals in determining the outcomes for the individual being tested.

With 20-year dedication to the development of gas sensing technologies, Cubic, an international manufacturer of advanced gas sensors and gas analyzers, has accumulated mature sensing technology platforms of non-dispersive infrared (NDIR), and ultrasonic to deliver diverse gas sensing solutions supporting pulmonary function testing.3

NDIR (Non-dispersive Infrared) Sensing Technology

NDIR technology is utilized based on the principle that certain gases absorb infrared light at specific wavelengths. The detector captures and quantifies this infrared absorption, enabling accurate assessment of gas concentrations through algorithmic analysis embedded in the software.

Leveraging NDIR technology, Cubic has innovatively developed DLCO gas sensor, Gasboard-2050, which can realize online measurement of CO and CH4.

Adopting an electrically modulated IR source, Gasboard-2050 achieves a fast response time of less than 150 milliseconds. With its temperature and pressure compensation algorithm design, Gasboard-2050 operates with high accuracy and excellent stability under a wider range of atmospheric, temperature, and humidity conditions. Additionally, the modular design of Gasboard-2050 enables easy assembly, ensuring exceptional availability and high-volume throughput during manufacturing.

With its excellent accuracy and stable performance, Cubic DLCO sensor Gasboard-2050 emerges as a valuable diagnostic instrument in pulmonary testing. It equips healthcare professionals with reliable and precise measurements of lung function, thereby enabling them to make more accurate diagnoses and tailor personalized treatment plans for patients with respiratory conditions.4

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Ultrasonic Sensing Technology

Ultrasonic gas flow sensors adopt ultrasonic detecting technology and the principle of TOF (time of flight) to measure both the gas flow rate and gas composition in binary gases, which involves monitoring and analyzing the changes in acoustic waves as they travel through a gas mixture. Ultrasonic gas sensors typically utilize two ultrasonic transducers, each functioning as both emitter and receiver, exchanging ultrasonic pulses. By assessing the variance between pulses traveling upstream and downstream within a pipeline, ultrasonic gas sensors can accurately determine gas flow rates. Additionally, as the speed of sound varies among different gases, analyzing the speed of ultrasonic pulses through the gas facilitates precise gas composition analysis.

Cubic high-tech spirometers Gasboard 7020 and Gasboard 7021 are developed based on the ultrasonic detecting technology to provide respiratory function measurement solutions.

Cubic Gasboard 7020 is a handheld spirometer developed specifically for hospital settings, equipped with a set of advanced functionalities. Utilizing Cubic's advanced ultrasonic gas flow sensor, it excels in delivering precise measurements of critical respiratory parameters. From static vital capacity to forced vital capacity and maximum voluntary ventilation rate, Gasboard 7020 delivers reliable measurement results for respiratory conditions. Its sophisticated software enables real-time curve display, ensuring healthcare professionals have immediate access to vital measurements. With automatic BTPS correction, Gasboard 7020 ensures accurate measurement results, allowing for confident diagnosis and treatment planning. Moreover, Gasboard 7020 streamlines patient information management, offering seamless integration with clinical workflows. In summary, Gasboard 7020 serves as a valuable tool for healthcare professionals, enhancing efficiency and efficacy in respiratory care management.6

​Cubic Gasboard 7021 is a portable spirometer designed for convenient home use. Employing ultrasonic technology, it ensures precise measurements of pulmonary ventilation function, ensuring comprehensive respiratory health monitoring from the comfort of home. Designed with the user in mind, its lightweight construction and intuitive real-time graphic data display empower patients to conduct tests with ease and interpret results effortlessly. Beyond the testing experience, Gasboard 7021 is equipped with intelligent information management software, seamlessly organizing historical test results for quick reference and in-depth analysis. The comprehensive feature set of Gasboard 7021 not only enhances user convenience but also facilitates informed decision-making and proactive management of respiratory health.7

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With over 20 years of dedicated innovation in core technologies of ultrasonic and NDIR, Cubic delivers advanced gas sensing solutions for pulmonary function testing with precision and reliability. Leveraging its comprehensive OEM/ODM capabilities, Cubic offers a diverse range of reliable, accurate and fast-response gas sensors and gas analyzers, meticulously designed to meet specific requirements of its customers. In addition to providing high-quality customization services, Cubic's commitment to excellence extends to robust manufacturing processes under stringent quality control, ensuring mass production to fulfill the dynamic of the healthcare and medical industry. Cubic will steadfastly uphold its dedication to developing technical innovation while ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance.​​​​​​


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