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Motion Sensors to Footprint Your Every Move

Kiwi Wearable Technologies – a new start-up company - has developed a cutting-edge internet-enabled motion sensing device that can track your activity and is capable of making your living environment an automated experience.

The device, known as Kiwi Move, is designed to have an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and altitude meter. The sensor data that is accessible from this device is delivered using applications created via websocket protocols.

Kiwi Move allows the user to track activity such as counting footsteps, measuring exertion and monitoring the user’s sleeping patterns. The Visual speed and airtime is measured using the trace motion capability to this device with the fitted accelerometer.

An added key feature of the Kiwi Move is the design and development effort that has been invested into allowing this device to automate your home. The device can control basic operations including manipulation of lighting and being able to monitor the temperature conditions in the surrounding enclosure, to more sophisticated functions including being able to control the security system in your home setting.

One of the more diverse applications for this device, and one that will be of great interest for healthcare professionals, is the ability of this innovative tool to track a baby’s vitals (i.e., physiological statistics including body temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, and blood pressure) and sleeping patterns.

Motion-tracking technology such as the Kiwi Move is a great new development effort to making smart wearable technology more personable. With such technology being able to control day-to-day basic and more complication activities, the demand for such customizable technology will be on the rise. Motion sensing devices are continuing to make a significant impact in the health industry and the Kiwi Move will most certainly be among this industry offering a competitive edge.


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