Rose Ann Tegio

Rose Ann Tegio

Feature Writer

Bachelor’s Degree in Physics with specialization in Material Science/Latin Honors from the De La Salle University

Physics, Material Science, Thin Films,

Rose Ann is a freelance writer that focuses on science-related topics, having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics with specialization in Materials Science. She graduated with Latin Honors from the De La Salle University, one of the top universities in the Philippines.

Her thesis, “Fabrication and Characterization of spin-coated YSZ Thin Films” sought to determine the optimal condition for fabricating thin films by varying the concentrations of ytrria stabilized zirconia and the substrate used. The films were fabricated using the spin-coating technique. There are a wide range of applications forYSZ thin films, including in electronics as a gate dielectric of an integrated circuit, in optics due to its high refractive index and in green fuel technology as an electrolyte material for solid oxide fuel cells. Several variations of this research co-conducted by her then thesis advisers and fellow Physics majors, were published in the International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research.

Rose Ann is currently a full time banker in one of the largest local banks in the Philippines. Her work involves a lot of writing and research in business and finance fields. She is also currently taking up her Master’s in Business Administration.

Albeit the shift in industry due to her work, her love for science ever since she was young did not waver and writing scientific articles is her way of not losing her connection to the field.

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