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Acu-Trac Fuel Level Sensor by SSI Technologies

The Acu-Trac Fuel Level Sensor is a non-contact fluid level sensor which serves as a direct replacement for level sensors on tanks having depth of about 3 m. It has the capacity for processing data and messaging on a J1708 data link for on vehicle and off vehicle communications. Acu-Trac level sensor configuration kit and a standard window-based PC can be used for configuring the Acu-Trac fuel level sensor. The kit consists of Acu-Trac level sensor configuration tools software and instruction and an RS-485 to J1708 converter. The software can be used for reconfiguring the Acu-Trac fuel level sensor to support tanks/barrels in any size or shape. The Acu-Trac fuel level sensor has the following user programmable features:

  • Communication mode
  • Tank configuration
  • Sensor mounting offset
  • Digital filtering time constant
  • Gauge full and empty endpoints

Product Features

The product features of the Acu-Trac fuel level sensor are:

  • It can work with different kinds of media including motor oil, diesel, black water, and hydraulic fluid
  • Power tests are performed to check whether the sensor is operating properly
  • Diagnostics messages are transferred via the RS-485
  • It can even work with mobile communication system in order to improve fuel efficiency and minimize the operating cost
  • It is non-invasive, reliable, and easy to install, and has high accuracy.

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