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Emerson's Rosemount Analytical 6888 In Situ Oxygen Analyzer

The 6888 In Situ Oxygen Analyzer is used for integrating an oxygen probe and field electronics into a single, compact package.

The oxygen probe can be directly inserted into a flue gas duct in order to measure oxygen in combustion processes. The 6888 in situ oxygen transmitter is used for measuring oxygen remaining in the flue gases which are emitted during combustion process.

These oxygen measurements can be used in a control system or by a boiler operator in order to alter burner fuel or air ratios for ensuring maximum efficiency with the lowest levels of NOX, CO and CO2.

This analyzer is easy to use and integrate. It requires little maintenance as it does not consist of sampling apparatus and moving parts.

Key Features

The key features of the 6888 In Situ Oxygen Analyzer are:

  • Advanced sensor diagnostics
  • Optional Xi local operator interface
  • Digital HART communications standard
  • Variable probe insertion option
  • Fully field-repairable
  • HART wireless communication from probe or Xi
  • Adaptable to any existing oxygen probe installation
  • Outstanding accuracy: ±0.75% of reading or ±0.05% oxygen.


The applications of the 6888 In Situ Oxygen Analyzer are:

  • Flue gas analysis as a diagnostic tool for fired process heater furnaces
  • Using oxygen analyzers as a predictive maintenance tool For air heaters.

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