Dust Collector Emissions Monitor by Dwyer

The PMT particulate transmitter available from Dwyer is an advanced dust collector emission monitor and leak detector. The transmitter has a loop powered design, which makes it suitable for directly linking to existing diagnostic control systems, such as PLCs.

The transmitter uses a combination of protected-probe and induction technologies. While the particles stream near and around the probe, small currents are induced into the probe. The signal is then processed into an absolute output proportionate to the amount of particulate.

Protective-layers over the probe operate in combination with induction-sensing in order to guarantee reliable and consistent operation with all types of particulates, including highly conductive dusts and moist powders. In addition, the PMT particulate transmitter requires minimum maintenance and eliminates the necessity of air purge.

Adjustable logarithmic or linear output scaling allows trending the high peak emissions and baseline emissions induced by leaks and filter cleaning cycles. Observation of peaks and baseline is required for setting correct alarms.

Key Features

The main features of the PMT particulate transmitter are:

  • Simple, low cost 2-wire installation for PLCs
  • Protects downstream blowers, oxidizers, HEPAs, etc
  • Prevents false readings from corrosive gases and condensate; moist and conductive dusts; dust buildup
  • Repeatable in all applications (conductive and moist ducts).


The applications of the PMT particulate transmitter are:

  • Bin vents
  • Baghouses
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Cyclones.

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