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Series TPG Temperature and Pressure Gage from Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

The Series TPG Temperature and Pressure Gage eliminates the need for two separate temperature and pressure gages. Unique internal valve depressor built into the well allows the gage's sensing probe to be easily removed from the thermowell without causing leakage, eliminating downtime. Installation time is further reduced via one connection to pipe instead of two.

Series TPG is packaged in an ABS plastic case. Models are available with a back mount, direct bottom mount, 45° bottom mount, or panel or surface mount with capillary. Side by side pressure and temperature scales allow quick and easy readings. Series TPG has a temperature accuracy of 2% and a pressure accuracy of 1.6% of full scale. Intended for industrial or HVAC applications, specifically measuring water in air conditioners and heat ventilation systems.

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