PPD4NS and PPD20V Dust Sensors by Shinyei

The PPD4NS and PPD20V dust sensors available from Shinyei are capable of detecting dust in homes. When installed in products, the sensors automatically control air-purifiers and monitor air quality.

PPD60PV, a newly developed sensor, is designed to detect particles cleanliness class 100,000 ~ 1,000,000. The sensor can be installed in clean systems and fan filter units to control cleanliness of operation line.


The PPD4NS sensor is designed to produce digital (Lo Pulse) output to particulate matters. Lo Pulse Occupancy time (LPO time) is in proportion to particulate matter concentration.


The specifications of the PPD4NS dust sensors are provided in the table below:

Detectable particle size approx. 1µm (minimum.)
Detectable range of concentration 0~28,000 pcs/liter (0~8,000pcs/0.01 CF=283ml)
Supply voltage DC5V +/- 10% (CN1:Pin1=GND, Pin3=+5V)
Ripple Voltage within 30mV
Operating temperature range 0~45°C
Operating humidity range 95%rh or less (without dew condensation)
Storage temperature -30~60°C
Power consumption 90mA
Time for stabilization 1 minute after power turned on
Dimensions 59(W) × 45(H) × 22(D) [mm]



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