Real-time Air Particle Sensors by Omron

Omron offers a range of real-time, cost-effective air particle sensors that produce air flow of 2.83 liters per minute through a combination of durable, high-suction fan and fully rectified internal design. Omron’s laser-optic design technology offers measurement precision close to that of a particle counter.

The ZN-PD-S air particle sensor allows optimized quality management and the ZN-PD03-S particle sensor offers continuous and accurate monitoring at reduced cost. The latter is suitable for fault analysis and traceability and considerably reduces labor costs.


Key Features

The main features of the ZN-PD-S real-time air particle sensor are:

  • Cost effective
  • Wide range measurement size, from particle to dust
  • High-precision measurement with continuous, real-time monitoring
  • Low-maintenance design for continuous measurement
  • Dust measurement type (5 to 50 µm) and particle measurement type (0.3 to 1 µm) available
  • Suitable for dust monitoring on paint process and for trend monitoring in cell manufacturing production line

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