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WPA CO7500 Colorimeter from Biochrom

The Biochrom WPA CO7500 colorimeter is a value for money instrument that has been designed for use in educational establishments such as schools and colleges. It is compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed to withstand student use! This makes it ideal for use in busy teaching laboratories. The large display is easy to read and the instrument is simple to both set up and use, giving rapid results. The samples can be measured in either standard or semi micro 10mm pathlength cuvettes or in 16mm diameter test tubes (adapters for 10/12 mm test tubes are available). Available in mains only or mains /internal rechargeable NiMH battery versions.


  • Single beam filter based colorimeter covering 440-680nm
  • Rugged, portable and easy to use
  • Excellent value for money and ideal for educational applications
  • Absorbance, %Transmission and simple kinetic measurements
  • Rechargeable battery version available

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