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GF2578/100 General Purpose Hydrometers from Stevenson Reeves Ltd.

These commercial grade hydrometers are suitable for a wide variety of purposes. They are ideal for use as range finders in laboratories, or in general use when the highest precision is not required. They offer the following features:

  • Clear, easy to read double scales
  • A choice of density or specific gravity scales.
  • Density Scales (g/ml) calibrated at 20°C.
  • Specific Gravity at 15.6°C or 28.9°C (S60/60°F or S84/84°F).
  • Calibrated for low surface tension below 1.000 and medium surface tension above 1.000.
  • Calibrated for reading at the horizontal surface of the liquid.

These general-purpose hydrometers have individual serial numbers and datum lines, and are suitable for certification. To specify a product use the prefix shown, followed by the start of the range. For example, a 1.000/1.300 S60/60°F range finder would be GF2578/100.

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