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Cyclops 100L - Measurement in High Temperature Applications

The Cyclops 100L portable non-contact pyrometer is suitable for measurement in high temperature applications. The measured temperature is shown in four concurrent modes: mean, peak, continuous, and valley, with user-defined mode for viewfinder display. Temperature measurement resolution is down to 0.1°.

Sighting is made accurate by the small, clearly defined (1/3°) measurement area and the clear, wide angle (9°) field of view. Variable focusing is available from 1 m to infinity, with close focus options available utilizing auxiliary lenses.

The icon-based menu system provides emissivity compensation. The operating waveband has been precisely selected to reduce errors caused by the effects of atmospheric vapor components as well as uncertainty in emissivity.

The Cyclops 100L includes standard easy-to-use "Bluetooth®" wireless communications or a USB connection for tablets or PCs.

Key Features and Benefits

The main features of the Cyclops 100 are as follows:

  • Long term drift-free measurement – Long term confidence in the measurement
  • Non-contact measurement technology – No interference, contamination or damage to material or process
  • New protection cover – Improves the robustness of each model in the range
  • Bluetooth® or USB Connector for data download/upload – Two easy techniques are available, no hanging cables with Bluetooth®
  • Novel ‘notched’ spectral filter – Prevents the effects of atmospheric water vapor
  • Route mode – Enables storage and capture of measurement data repeatedly at set locations surrounding the plant. Nine predefined routes (sets of location IDs and emissivities; each route can include up to 99 location IDs and emissivities). In order to activate this feature, optional data logger software is required.
  • Single handed operation, contact free measurement – improved safety in hazardous environments and exceptional ergonomics
  • A new lens protector – Keeps the optics in good condition
  • Calibrated and traceable to National Standards – Guaranteed measurement accuracy
  • Repeatability and high accuracy measurement – Confidence in the measurement for quality control and process control applications
  • Four Measurement modes – Peak, Continuous, Valley and Average- Measurement to meet specific application needs
  • On-board data storage of up to 9999 measurement points - Large capacity storage for a 4 data output modes - Burst, Latch, Single and Route
  • High Measurement Resolution - 5 digit display - quantified temperature resolved to 0.1° C/F
  • Rugged instrument casing – Industrial rubber casing to withstand extreme environments for longer periods


  • UKAS Calibration
  • Includes new Data Logger software for both mobile devices and PC, including the specialized Route Management utility


The Cyclops 100 is used in the following applications:

  • Glass applications - Glass forming (lamp/bulb producers; glass sealing (auto, commercial., residential); glass primary (melt furnace/tank), glass packaging (pharmaceutical vials); glass containers (bottles, glassware, tableware).
  • Steel applications - Metal processing such as cladding, forging, stamping, casting, wire drawing, furnace vacuum measurements, and any high-temperature metal forming operations.
  • Petrochem applications - Reformer tube furnace (clean fuelled).
  • Ceramic applications - High temperature forming material.

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