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CMG-3ESP Compact Seismometer from Güralp Systems

The CMG-3ESP Compact is Güralp Systems' smallest ever triaxial weak-motion seismometer, offering CMG-3 performance for the price and size of a medium-motion instrument. It is suitable for surface vault (observatory), subsurface vault and temporary installations.


  • Covers the complete seismic spectrum with a single transfer function
  • 60 s – 50 Hz standard response (with 1s, 30s and 120s options)
  • Self-noise below NLNM between 30 s and 16 Hz
  • Truly portable: under 9 kg, with lifting handle and convenient access to connectors
  • Highly compact form factor, only 168 × 258 mm
  • High linearity: >107 dB horizontal, 111 dB vertical (USGS figures)
  • Over 140 dB dynamic range over the entire passband (USGS figure)
  • Cross-axis rejection over 62 dB
  • Sensor axes orthogonal to within 0.1 °
  • Robust automatic mass locking, unlocking and centring
  • Adjustable feet allow for up to 4 ° tilt
  • Low power consumption (750 mW from 10 – 30 V input power)


  • Long period response options: 1s, 30s, 60s (default), 120s.
  • Short period response options: 50Hz (default), 100Hz, 200Hz.
  • Feet allowing 8 ° of sensor tilt.
  • Hybrid response.
  • For manual mass locking and unlocking, consider the CMG-3ESP.

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