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Detecting Ionizing Radiation with the Series X

Alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray radiation can be detected using silicon PIN photodiodes either indirectly via the measurement of the luminescence radiation of a scintillation crystal or directly via the absorption in the crystal lattice. The Series X from First Sensor has optimized silicon PIN photodiodes, which form broad, fully depleted space-charge regions even at low reverse voltages so as to ensure maximum absorption of radiation. For high-energy radiation, First Sensor offers detectors with a CsI:TI scintillation crystal.

Special Features

  • Very low capacitance levels
  • Very low dark current signals
  • Minimal series resistance at full depletion


  • Very compact design
  • Two-stage charge amplifier, filter amplifier and comparator
  • High sensitivity for Cs137
  • 100 mm² PIN detector with 8 mm CsI:Tl scintillator


The high energy gamma radiation detector module with 100 mm² photodiode and 8 mm CsI:Tl scintillator. Pulse output for easy integration in gamma radiation detection instruments.


  • Personal dosimeter
  • Medical equipment
  • Ionizing radiation detector

Technical Specifications and PDF Datasheet

Order # Chip Package Active Area Size (mm) / Area (mm²) Dark current (nA) Capacitance (pF) Gamma-energy (KeV) Scintillator CsI (TI) window
501559 X7-F CSP 2.8 x 2.8 / 6.2 0.015 12 - no -
501400 X100-7 CerPin 10 x 10 / 100 3 80 >5 no black epoxy
50147702 X100-7 CerPin 10 x 10 / 100 5 80 5..>1000 4 mm white coating
50147701 X100-7 CerPin 10 x 10 / 100 5 80 5..>1000 8 mm white coating

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