C Series Carbon Monoxide Sensors from Alphasense

Alphasense Carbon Monoxide sensors operate using proven fuel cell technology. Both sensors include an active chemical filter to remove NOx and SO2/H2S

The C series sensors are designed for monitoring combustion gases. With the same diameter as the A series, the extra height of the C series includes additional chemical filters to protect the sensor in aggressive gas streams.

The CO-C sensors offer our electrolyte leak-free guarantee and reliable long-term detection performance. The leakproof housing is moulded with a colour coded top for ease of identification.

Alphasense tests the performance of every sensor; results are stored on our database, giving full traceability for all sensors. The unique Automatic Test and Validation (ATAV) system controls initial sensor stabilisation and runs complex tests under computer control. This computerised system also ensures traceability as tested sensors are moved direct to despatch with their unique barcodes. The ATAV system also runs full validation testing, monitors sensors for long term performance and its generated statistics are used for statistical process control.

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