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Gas Detection with Tango TX1

The Tango® TX1 gas detector features the ground-breaking DualSense® Technology as well as a 2 year run time. It can vastly improve worker safety, irrespective of how often bump tests are carried out, all the while reducing overall costs.

  • The device is Guaranteed for Life™. Both sensors and batteries can be replaced to extend the usable life of the instrument.
  • DualSense® Technology improves worker safety with two sensors being used to detect the same gas.
  • An optional AlarmAmp™ can increase audible alarms up to 110 dB.
  • Acknowledgeable gas alerts allow workers to notify a control center or other staff that alerts have been received.

DualSense® Technology means that the Tango® TX1 gas detector is the safest gas detector presently on the market, something that has been confirmed by iNet® data including over 2 million bump tests and 100,000 unique sensors.

Extended battery life lets the unit operate in an ‘always-on’ mode for two years, then once the battery is no longer able to support the instrument’s operation it can simply be replaced for a further two years of worker safety.

Audible alarms sound at 100 dB at 10 cm. The Tango® TX1 is double the volume of Industrial Scientific's GasBadge units and currently the loudest single gas instrument available. Plus, the use of the optional AlarmAmp™ can increase the alarm volume by an additional 10 dB, perfect for louder environments.


The DualSense® Technology makes use of redundant sensors to find out and display the concentration of the target gas within the atmosphere, consequently reducing risks of total instrument failure. By using two sensors of the same type, the Tango® TX1 can acquire the most accurate gas reading possible.

Tango TX1 Gas Detector

Tango TX1 Packaging
Tango TX1 Size Comparison
Tango TX1 with iNetDS docking station
Tango TX1 Application shot - Picture 1
Tango TX1 Application shot - Picture 2

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