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CTG1308 General Hydrophone from Chelsea Technologies Group

The CTG1308 is a low noise, broadband, hydrophone offering high sensitivity and excellent beam patternperformance over a wide band. It follows on from the industry standard TG0791 hydrophone, giving increasedbandwidth, with a standard range of 10Hz to 150kHz and a seful usable frequency range of up to 200kHz.As with the rest of the Chelsea Technologies Group's preamplified hydrophone range, CTG1308 providesexcellent self-noise figures combined with low distortion.

The integral pre-amplifier is encased in a sealed aluminium tube then, with the hydrophone, is over-moulded usingpolyurethane, this provides excellent protection from impact. Within the electronics, provision is made for acalibration signal allowing the user to test system integrity before use.


  • Broadband operation
  • Low noise performance
  • Omni-directional response
  • Long cable lengths

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