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T-1, T-2, and T-4 hydrophones from Teledyne Geophysical Instruments

For almost four decades, model T-1, T-2, and T-4 hydrophones from Geophysical Instruments of Teledyne Instruments have set the standard in marine geophysical exploration equipment, being used more than any other line.

The T-1 hydrophone is intended for general purpose geophysical hydrostreamers not subjected to operation at depths greater than 40 meters. The T-2 hydrophone, often referred to as a "deep tow" hydrophone, is intended for use at depths no greater than 200 meters. The T-4 is a depth-limited hydrophone meeting certain export requirements.

The latest additions to our family of hydrophones include the T-2BX and the new Depth Limited Hydrophone. Both newer models seem sure to continue the legendary Teledyne hydrophone quality and performance.

The T-2BX hydrophone consists of an encapsulated T-2 sensor element providing the user with the proven reliability of the T-2 in a waterproof package. It is also designed to work with a special spacer that provides stress isolation for the sensing element.

The new Depth Limited Hydrophone replaces the T-4. This new model still satisfies certain commercial export requirements for electrical shorting at depths specified by the government, but does so in a waterproof package.

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