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GCK-01 Analog Geiger Counters from Images SI, Inc.

Analog Geiger Counters are useful for detecting radioactivity and performing nuclear experiments. The models GCK-01 and GCK-02 are offered as kits as well as assembled. The assembled and tested geiger counters have the "A" suffix. These Geiger Counters primary indicators are an audio click and an LED blink each time a radioactive particle is detected. Count Rate VS Dose Rate chart on front of counter provides an indication of radiation based on clicks per second.

The model GCK-01 has an external wand that houses Geiger-Mueller tube (GMT-01) and provides a easy to use probe for checking radioactivity. The GM Tube is a Ne + Halogen filled, with a .38” effective diameter 1.5-2.0 mg/cm2 mica end window.

  • Detects alpha above 3.0 MeV.
  • Detects beta above 50 KeV.
  • Detects gamma above 7 KeV.

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