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TrafficXHub™: a Roadside Scanner

The TrafficXHub™ available from SMATS Traffic Solutions is a type of fixed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanner that can deliver outstanding MAC address detection and matching. Furthermore, it can provide access to instant data for real-time monitoring and adaptation.

The TrafficXHub™ features a fixed or solar power source and is the ideal solution for current projects spanning from small-scale to city-wide.

Image Credit: SMATS Traffic Solutions

Increased Detection Rate

The hybrid Bluetooth and Wi-Fi scanning boost the detection rate over regular beacon technologies, enhancing the accuracy and dependability of the gathered traffic data.

Scanning Range

The TrafficXHub™ Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules offer modifiable scanning coverage so that the detection area and direction can be altered and calibrated on-site.

Cloud Server

The SMATS cloud server is intended for storing the gathered data for its clients. The data can be uploaded to the server at the site immediately or saved in local storage memory.

Connected Vehicle Ready

The TrafficXHub™ is a connected vehicle ready device that can communicate with Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) modems to process connected vehicle data for future utilizations.

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